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Real Estate


Giachetti Law Firm works with commercial real estate investors, owners, builders, and developers to finance and execute transactions involving shopping centers, industrial projects, office buildings, warehouses, mixed-use developments, apartment developments, and residential subdivisions.

We provide comprehensive commercial real estate legal services, from purchasing land and negotiations for interim and permanent financing to the development and any leasing of your property.

We have a breadth of knowledge in financing, taxes, securities, and the various forms of ownership as they may affect the following:

  • Planning and development

  • Lending and financing

  • Purchase agreements

  • Sales and acquisition

  • Due diligence

  • Construction and easement

  • Commercial leasing

  • Real estate management

  • Environmental issues

  • Land use

  • Insurance and title

  • Tax planning

In facilitating transactions for our commercial real estate clients, we handle the following:


  • Purchase and sales agreements

  • 1031 exchanges

  • Cooperative Sales

  • Partnership and joint venture agreements

  • Financing documents

  • Title and survey issues

  • Declarations of easements, covenants and restrictions

  • Preparation and review of personal and corporate guaranty

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