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Real Estate


Giachetti Law Firm has been providing fast and accurate real estate transaction support for New York area property owners and purchasers since 1992.

We help those busing homes, second residences, investment properties, co-ops, multi-family rental residences, and those looking to live in new construction. We also work with investors seeking to add to or make substitutions in, residential portfolios. 

We bring value to residential and real estate in many ways:

  • We review preliminary broker and lender disclosures.

  • We perform title searches to ensure there are no defects, such as liens for unpaid taxes or unpaid contractor work, or violations, such as an illegal extension or a garage-to-living space conversion.

  • We work with your title insurer to ensure you are protected from the future title defects.

  • If you are an investor engaged in a 1031 exchange, we help you satisfy 1031 requirements.

  • We work with you lender to make sure the funding of your transaction is not delayed. 

  • We schedule and conduct your closing.

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